Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First mainland Chinese entrepreneur to appear on the cover of Forbes Magazine :JACK MA

Jack Ma 
ranks as one of the world’s billionaires.
Ma was named the Financial Times’ 2013 Person of the Year
 because he personifies the Chinese internet,
 referring to him as the “godfather of China’s scrappy entrepreneurial spirit.”.

Jack Ma is a Chinese Internet entrepreneur.
 He is the Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group,
 a family of highly successful Internet-based businesses.

 He is also the first mainland Chinese entrepreneur
 to appear on the cover of
 Forbes Magazine 

Billionaire Jack Ma teaches you how to be successful in life and business here:

and I like this lesson the most, because I am old and retired already!:

Jack Ma: We are born to live and experience life.
I always tell myself that we are born here not to work, but to enjoy life. We are here to make things better for one another, and not to work. If you are spending your whole life working, you will certainly regret it.
No matter how successful you are in your career, you must always remember that we are here to live. If you keep yourself busy working, you will surely regret it.

and this: for my children, students and nieces/nephews...

Jack Ma: The 4 main questions the young generation must ponder on
  1. What is failure: Giving up is the greatest failure.
  2. What is resilience: Once you have been through hardships, grievances and disappointments, only then will you understand what is resilience.
  3. What your duties are: To be more diligent, hardworking, and ambitious than others.
  4. Only fools use their mouth to speak. A smart man uses his brain, and a wise man uses his heart.

Chinese online giant Alibaba went public this month and raised US$25 billion in its IPO. Founder Jack Ma has a 7.8% stake in the company.
Who are the other key shareholders of Alibaba and how much did they reap? Our list here, including the share of Singapore's Temasek Holdings.

Chinese online commerce company Alibaba went public this month in the world's largest initial public offering (IPO), raising US$25 billion in all.

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