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My Le Cordon Bleu Cooking Demo Inspired by The Hundred Foot Journey! #100FootJourneyEvent

My Le Cordon Bleu Cooking Demo Inspired by The Hundred Foot Journey! #100FootJourneyEvent

Had a Le Cordon Bleu experience and cooking demo tied up with the movie "The 100 Foot Journey"
This is my voucher for the cooking demo!

Would you like to know the questions and slogan and how I won? Well here are the questions and answers and my slogan..................
Answer the below questions:
1. What is The Hundred-Foot Journey’s tag line?
Answer: "Life's Greatest Journey begins with the First Step"
MY SLOGAN here!!!!
2. Between French and Indian cuisine, which do you like better? Tell us why in no more than 25 words.
French cuisine is subtle, flavourful, world-renown, 
Indian cuisine is fiery, exotic, full of spices:  
being an Asian weaned on a spicy palate,
 it's Indian, hands-down!

Dear Loo Mee Kuan,
Congrats, you have won yourself the below from The Hundred-Foot Journey Facebook contest.

1. 2 X The Hundred-Foot Journey In Season Pass
2. 2 X Le Cordon Bleu Exclusive Cooking Demo Voucher (Cooking demo will be held in Sunway University, on 13 Sept '14, Sat - details are on the voucher).

We have sent over the passes/vouchers to the address you've given. You should receive it in 2 days time.

Audrey the liason person giving a welcome address

the two chefs today giving the demo: Thierry and David Morris

with a camera man in attendance, we will also be caught on film
but I am caught on my husband's camera first

Theiry demonstrated making of nougats: plain and choc
the fisnished product...
you do not know the tedious process that went into the making of these "Provencial Nougats"!!

tasting the nougats
Photo opportunity
hmmmnnn yum yum, but we did not get any to take home!!

must take photo with Le Cordon Bleu chefs right?

Thierry Lerallu is Pastry Head Chef and David Morris CuisingeChef Instructor
Outside the lecture demo hall
We have a break but no lunch is provided so we went to Madeleine for a set lunch which consisted of
spicy croquette
spicy tuna spaghetti
milk tea and dessert for RM20.00 no plus plus and no GST yet
Now David Morris is going to demo how to cook consomme and a dessert

he shows us how fresh the squid is, it is of shashimi quality and he pops a piece in his mouth
now he is cutting the rock melon to make rossettes
he used the meat slicer to slice the rock melon!!
the egg white has grabbed all the bits and pieces into a raft and floated on top of the soup
shaping the rosettes
nearly done

decorating with coriander, a marvellous herb to him
see, like a work of art: edible painting
Rosettes of MelongMango, Chilli Salsa

now he is using a sieve to dribble the soup on the plate
helper is cooking the rest of the consomme and also blanching the vegetables while chef is preparing the squids
he is pan searing them
spooning the sotong onto the plate
After hours of cooking, this is the result
you would not know how much ingredients went into the consomme and how long it took to prepare that!
Asian Inspired Consomme with squid
Blogger taking close ups of the food

everyone takes photos of the food, it is now a must

He is getting good close ups of the dishes
trays are brought to us for sampling: shot glasses of consomme and a small bowl of rossettes
no seconds!
our serving

hmmmmmmnnn good! but not enought!
savouring the consomme that took hours to cook and with so much spices and herbs and fish that went into it, you must taste everything consciously

selfie time from this blogger

then we were taken on a tour of the designer kitchen that costs RM6 million to build!! We passed by lots of Sunway University students at the concourse.
The kitchen has names e.g. Julia Child Kitchen, Apicius Kitchen and so on
bird's eye view of the students below

lecture in progress
wow!!! Le Cordon Bleu designer kitchen!!!
I do not know how to explain....let the pictures speak for themselves:

Le Cordon Bleu office

And a last word from Chef David Morris......
Enrol in our class!

Rates are here:
Diplome de Commis Patissier : RM64,000
Diplome de Commis Cuisinier : RM64,000
Certificat de Commis: RM22,5000
Certificat de Cadet : RM21,000
Certificat d'Assisstant : RM20,500,00
plus application Fees, Student Admin Fee, Uniform and Book, Tool Kit about RM12,000

Next post I will give you the recipes to the above...

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