Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Cousin brought in 1600 pandas

My cousin, J. won the bid to bring in the 1600 pandas for a successful stint in Malaysia which just ended  (last leg was in Publika)

This is the container lorry used to transport the pandas
my cousin opening the containers that held the pandas

The pandas making their tour and below pic: with the Misses Tourism

 Volunteers helping with the pandas
 checking the condition of the paper mache pandas
 in Dataran Merdeka

 so awesome....but I did not go there...must have been hot!
 with the contestants of Miss Tourism Malaysia

CEO surrounded by lovelies
James taking selfies

 limited edition pandas for sale
 My cousin (km dark blue)  at Publika for the closing ceremony

 certificate of Appreciation for PKT Logistiks
 It even had an entry in the Malaysia Book of Records
 Tio with one of the beauties

 you can volunteer to be one of the crew
 with his family as volunteers

 at Publika....this is the one that I brought my daughter
 wow!!! successful venture!!
 I love this pic....greenery and river and raft and pandas...

cuteness overload
 we were not allowed to go in  like that, but J. could!

 they went at night to pack up the pandas

 end of the road in Malaysia for the pandas!

 all packed and back into the container for the next tour!!

Disclaimer/acknowledgement: All pictures are from cousin's  Facebook!!!

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