Sunday, January 4, 2015

Darling Restaurant Puchong Jaya Yum Cha

After our dance practice we decided to go yumcha because Ah Hor wants to try the garlic bread of Darling Restaurant

 I had char kway teow with duck egg and blood cockles on friend taught me to do that, she says you just bury the cockles with the hot kway teow and cook it like that! It will retain the fresh taste of the see hum, and indeed, it more leathery taste of black shrunken see hum!
 Garlic bread ala Darling Restaurant, the garlic and margarine is between the slots, not on the outside of the bread!! yummy!!!
 Hor  had curry mee ...look at the tau pok and delicious
 Hor's sugar cane and Chong's kopi-o
 Chong says that Linda our dance instructor loves drumstick with her chicken rice so she ordered that just so she could  take a pic to send to her to make her yearn for it as she is now in US
 Drumstick that has been chopped up, would be better if it were whole!
 Me and Hor, eyeing the food that Chong is so busy taking photos of.  We have decided to share everything and asked for empty plates and bowls so that we can have a taste of everything!
Chong says, this will make Linda jealous and she will come back quickly.  This reminds me of my niece Polly who is now in London and misses soya sauce in her food!
This is Linda!!! She won her dance competition and is "champion" in the US.  This picture is taken at a Christmas dance party and look how she has worked to maintain her figure: dancing classes, teaching dancing, pilates, gym and dieting. 

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