Saturday, January 17, 2015

Driving to Ipoh for Uncle's Funeral

My third uncle passed away yesterday (15 January 2015) at the age of 72 (born 1942)
Strangely, his two older brothers also died aged 72, before the Lunar New Year entered another cycle.

This is the spectacular church at night. It has a chapel, a grotto, its own graveyard with tombstones and niches for keeping urns holding ashes of deceased.  Uncle had already bought 2 niches, one for himself, one for his wife my aunt, 15 years ago at much lower prices then.
It is a Catholic church, all my Lai uncles are Catholics originally from Malacca.

At the wake with John and James (2 Lai cousins). 
James drove all the way from KL too.
He went back after the Friday night prayers in Chinese 
but we will be staying the night.

with my aunt, Uncle's wife, an Ipoh native.
Joanne, his daughter in law, and his two grand kids, Jeff and Jess who is camera shy
Jess is 5
Jeff is only 3
On the drive to Ipoh, I saw the road changed from urban to rural, ending in this delightful kampung house...
Feeling hungry, we went to a random town and ended up in Bidor as it was near the toll gate
Bidor has a few main roads and we cruised around looking for a kopitiam
hahaha...the trunk road that leads to Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh
Bidor has this stand-alone Post Office that reminded me of Batu Pahat's Post Office, the trusty building where I used to cycle to, to post my letters (snail mail: they took a few days to arrive!)
We found Kedai Kopi Tai Zhong where a stall selling fried noodles attracted us.
char kway teow!!!

his plate came first, I had to wait for mine, I don't know why!!!
so I took photos from across my seat
when the 2 parked cars drove off, I saw this:!

I was tickled to see this stall selling clothes, it reminded me of Batu Pahat too, I bought a few pieces from a roadside stall too!!!
my yummy noodles at last!!!

In Ipoh we looked for a hotel near the church, and I saw SMK Sam Tet, a famous Chinese school that I have heard a lot of
It was huge!!! and had a gigantic indoor basketball court!  Note the traffic jam outside the school.
We chose this hotel!!!
It is by the roadside, and parking is right in front of the hotel.
nice facilities, and best of all, the hotel is spanking new, 
even John has not heard of it
It is called Ipoh Downtown Hotel

A bit early, but CNY decorations are already up at the hotel foyer!

Tomorrow we will be attending the 2.30 final mass, followed by cremation: the final journey for Uncle Michael.

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