Saturday, January 24, 2015

The DG Visit

The DG stands for District Governor.
She is the one with red scarf, with the headmistress and President and AG (Assitant Governor)
She has to visit all the clubs in her district, and ours was on 
15 January 2015

Included in her visit is a trip to the school to present school vouchers, our service project

 Also present were these regulars, and me, a retiree who is free from work!
with Rina who works from home
 Presenting the back-to-school vouchers...each students (42 chosen ones) get RM150 worth of vouchers to buy school supplies, uniforms and text books (42x150=RM6300)
 I made these students show their vouchers...Rina bought them Giant supermarket and Popular book vouchers
the money is from the Service project Fund RM1000, and the rest, RM5,300 was donated by members
then we visited school with our interactors
and we showed her our last year project: sewing machines with work tables
 then we had lunch, I have ordered this: Poh Huu" favourite Mexican Chicken Chop
 Lunch with DG
I had Caribbean Chicken chop which had thick crusty oily deepfried batter
then we had a harrowing 30 minutes behind closed doors DG and AG with President, Treasurer and Secretary (me lah) and we had to answer all her queries!!! From 2.30 to 6 DG had a break and Rina took her for a spa and massage and even baked apple crumble!!
Then it was dinner at the club before the regular meeting
Induction of new member, she was so nervous to be inducted by DG!!
my guest: Bessie whom I went on a trip to Shanghai with: she is so picture ready, she smiles when I train the camera on her!!!

After the meeting I presented the fruit and flower basket to, she towers over me but never mind, I can live with that.

 Jimmy is so pleased to be awarded "Best Class President" by DG and our club is also given an "A+" he is going to open this bottle of wine to toast her!  (Gosh I look like a Lilliputian but I want to put this photo because it has me in it)

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