Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sushi and Sashimi at Meeting

On Thursday 8 January 2015 we had our first meeting for the new year

See we are having the meeting but Jack is coolly making sushi and wielding the knife
It's the sharpest, longest knife I have ever seen.
I have left my table working as a secretary taking down notes
to come take photo of Jack!!
 to start from the beginning, here is the starter kit for the sushi making tonight
 the kit contains wasabi, sushi soy sauce and sauce
 The table setting before everyone arrives, I am the earliest because I do not work
 wow!!! the slabs of salmon Alan has got ready for us!! He ordered the salmon, and had it skinned, cut into two and put in plastic to prevent contamination ant deterioration
Each kg costs 32 and this one came up to RM128 or more (4 kg)
 Jack is ready, but he wants to strike a pose first
 He is always camera ready because he is young good looking and photogenic, or that is what he thinks he is
 Anyway, Alan and Jack are now both smiling for me, the cameraman woman because he has accused me of taking unflattering pictures of him before, but that was his fault, he did not smile when I point the camera at him.
 so now he wise up to me and smile happily, while Jack,
 Jack is Jack.
 Jack gets to work.
 He is making sushi with salmon, and uses his hand to press the rice and plaster the salmon on it
 See, so clever and deft with his hands
the result

 then he cuts base to use as stands from cucumber
 then he slices of the skin of the cucumber and make thin strips
 the cucumber stands have rosettes of salmon sitting on them
 he also uses dollops of wasabi to decorate the dish
 close up of the rosettes and delicious marbled salmon
 I could not concentrate on the meeting!!! From my place I zoomed my lens to take photo of him making more sushi.
 wets his hands first and shapes the rice
 presses them on the seaweed
 Alan also takes his picture, President says: "Wei, the meeting is not over yet!!!"
 snow peas

how he arranges the salmon and cucumber on the seaweed
 then he cuts the sushi
 everyone grabs one! I had to take a picture fast before they are all gone!
 he is swamped!!!  Everyone has attacked the plates and finished everything, so they surround him waiting for more
 Look! Poh Huu is salivating, Jack cannot make the sushi fast enough for all, he himself has not eaten any!!
 Now he makes sushi roll, because the beautiful salmon slices are all gone, the remnants are put inside sushi rolls.
 Now he starts the other pieces of salmon and teaches us how to cut across the grain

everyone asks him to put a big ball of wasabi in the roll for Govin
 Govin says it it nothing, he could handle the wasabi,
but now he is seen wiping away tears as the wasabi prove too much for him!!
 Jack is taking a break, and Alan takes over, but he is playing with the knife
 President cannot wait for Jack so he makes his own sushi..
sushi bungkus!!

 like nasi lemak bungkus!!!
 and enjoys eating it!!!

While Jack grabs a cup of coffee.

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