Monday, January 5, 2015

Tea time in Seremban

Uncle Roger and family had gone to Pie Thing so we went out for tea time

Mum took us to this place for cendol 
but it was sold out!!

so we went to this wet hawker place for food

hahaha!!! wet and ugly and deserted due to the rain!!!!

 she had lin chee kang!!! she did not know what it was!!
an iced bowl of lin chee kang
it is actually a cooling drink of  dried longan, red dates and other herbs that I do not know how to name

 I had char kway teow of course
 I love it for the cockles
The char kuey teow stall is actually a tricycle and look at the men on bikes ta pau ing char kuey teow

 Papa had wantan mee
 She had beef and mutton satay
It was so delicious she fisnished it all by herself!!

Then we walked around Seremban town
Till it was dark and then we were ready for dinner at Seremban Seafood Village with Uncle and family!!!

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