Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year Eve Countdown Party At Setia Walk 2014

Small daughter had never been to a public countdonw party. When the 2 big ones were as young as 15 or 16 they had already gone to Bintang Walk or Sungei Wang for their countdown party.

So we brought her to Setia was 10 at night and it was already very crowded!!!
It looked very happening, lighted, crowded, happy, colourful, and most of all, safe and controlled!!!
Many people already "chopped" places at this open air bar to wait for the countdown.
We were lucky to find a three seater for a quick dinner, as Dad had not had a proper dinner yet.
 Nice and family oriented place!!! Throngs of people especially young couples and families were all out in full force!!!
 The place we grabbed was Sun Restaurant.
 You can see the crowd passing, all looking for seats and a place to wait for countdown.

 He had yong chow seafood fried rice.
Our Drinks for the night
 so nice, soaking up the atmosphere, it had rained so it was quite cool!!
She had bacon and mushrooms cabonara spaghetti.
Our bill came up to RM46...
cheaper than if we were to pay at least RM80 each for countdown at a hotel or restaurant.
Kids could play safely on the lawn.
Get ready!!! Countdown started!!! The DJ worked up a frenzy!!!
Hahaha!!! I got sprayed
and she had foam all over her which she quickly dusted off!
 So fun!!! But we had to make a quick getaway to beat the traffic rush!!!!

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