Sunday, January 11, 2015


They asked Jack to put a lot of wasabi in the sushi roll for Govin.

 Look at the amount he has put in!

 He says, "Of course I can  handle it!"
 Are you all ready?
 He takes a bite, 
 and another
 Nothing happens!
 See, it is nothing to me!
 It starts to hit!
 Like a bolt of lightning!
 OOOOOHHHHH!!!! it is coming out of my ears
 ahhhhhhh!!!! help!!!!!
 cough, splutter!!! cough!!!!
 gag, poof...gulp!!!
 omg omg OMG
 Lord help me
wipes tears, nosebleed
 sheepish look

 drinks water...the elixir of life
I'm ok, I'm good!!

everyone laughs,

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