Friday, January 30, 2015

To Publika to see 1600 Pandas

Seriously, I only thought of going to see the pandas after seeing my friend's FB post.
She is a beautiful Vietnamese married to a Malaysian and is my line dance friend.
And yes, she rides a motorbike!

 I was a bit confused as to where and when the pandas would be and I did not pay attenttion to this poster,.... so difficult to remember, the pandas are going on a Malaysian tour and I could not keep up where and when they are!
But Shely made it seem so simple to go see them at Publika!!

The 1600 Pandas World Tour Exhibition will be at Publika till 25th Jan 2015 (Sunday) from 10am to 10pm. Admission is free. Don’t miss this opportunity to take photos with Pandas.

Then I saw my student's Instagram! and I made appointment with my daughter to go...frankly, she also had no inkling what it was all about, all she knew was that pandas were cute, and she had a free Sunday, so we went!!! Also, this event was the hard work of my cousin, so I had to support his effort too!  Off to Publika!

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Sunday will be your last chance to take photos with all these cute 1600 Pandas at Publika, Solaris Dutamas on 25th Jan 2015 (Sunday) until 2pm. Starting from 3pm these Pandas will be collected by their adopters. We are going to miss all the 1600 Pandas soon.

To all the successful adopters kindly collect your Pandas at Publika on 25th Jan 2015 from 3pm onwards. Please bring your IC, confirmation ID and payment slip or image for verification purposes. Thank you.

Support 1600PandasMY for Initiating the Culture of Creative Conservation
The first person to queue for the panda adoption!

(pic from the Facebook page)
Driving to Publika


we had to stand and take photos outside the barricade!
but my cousin could go in!!!!
 then we went upstairs

so cute hor???
from FB
from my phone
iphone 6 panorama pic

 her insta pic got more than a 100 likes
 my insta post

I did not know we could buy them pandas..just as well, 
I am off buying suff. I have 2 old pandas which I will paper mache for keeps.

Have you visit the 1600 Pandas World Tour Exhibition? Come over to Publika, Solaris Dutamas from now until 25th January 2015 everyday from 10am till 10pm to take photos with all the adorable 1600 Pandas.
(not my English ah..)

 Thanks you for the support, all 1600 pandas has successfully been adopted. An email including booking ID and banking details will be send to successful applicants within 24 hours. For successful applicants who didn't receive email, kindly email us at your name and mykad number (6 digit). We will getting back to you as soon as possible. Your support and patience is kindly appreciate.
Support 1600PandasMY for Initiating the Culture of Creative Conservation
(words in Italics are not mine)
Gosh, sad, but true.
James, over to you.
How about a tapir conservation tour?

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