Tuesday, January 6, 2015

They killed the wild boar that got lost in the MMU library.

Fire and Rescue Station team arrived 10 minutes later and caught the animal and 

killed it.

First I viewed the video then I read the accompanying 

story and I did a double-take when i came to the part 

..."KILLED IT" was supposed to be a Fire and 

RESCUE Station, but they killed the poor, hapless 

animal, which had the bad fortune to be a pig/boar would have been better if the story read: caught

 the animal and released it into the wild"

more cruetly towards the wild boar here:
Wild boar waltzes into MMU library, spends two hours looking for a decent book
A wild boar wandered into the library of the Multimedia University (MMU) in Cyberjaya yesterday evening, causing students and staff alike to whip out their phones and start snapping. The boar apparently entered the building by ramming through a glass panel on the library's rear entrance at 1.30pm yesterday. Following the unscheduled visit, all students in the library were asked to vacate the premises, in order to allow the Fire and Rescue Department to safely extricate the boar. The wild boar was successfully captured and removed from the building two hours later. "The main hall of the library had to be closed due to the mess caused by firefighters trying to catch the animal," said Kamal Sujak, MMU's head librarian, as quoted by Harian Metro. Kamal assured the student body that the 24-hour reading lounge was still open for use, however. "The boar probably lost its way from the jungle areas nearby, seeing how there's been so much development near Cyberjaya lately," he added. Maybe the boar was looking for a good book on jungle preservation? UPDATE: the boar was removed from the library with extreme measures, it seems. The animal was herded and beaten with a heavy bamboo cane in the MMU library - to the consternation of many who saw the viral images that followed. We have more on Malaysians' reactions to the brutal treatment here.
VIDEO: KiniTV A lost male wild boar today wandered into the Multimedia University Malaysia (MMU) premises before being caught two hours later at the university's library, here, yesterday.
KiniNews: A lost male wild boar today wondered into the Multimedia University Malaysia (MMU) premises before b...

I wonder why is it necessary to kill the boar when you have the experts over. What is your reason?? that it is being harmful towards the people around?? It is totally inhumane and a proof of poor problem solving skills. I mean - COME ON, YOU HAVE CALLED THE EXPERTS OVER! why kill?? o.O

What do you expect. The current education  system does not permit all higher learning instituition to use their thinking caps. Simple illustration yet show us lots of weaknesses. Amazing right?

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