Monday, January 26, 2015

Sending off Taiwanese Prez with lunch at Penang HistoryFood Village

President Jimmy attended our anniversary dinner.
Today he is flying back so we have a farewell lunch for him.

 Anthony is sending him to James' house in Cyberjaya for a demo.
The house is a super modern bungalow that has no gates

 Cat's whisker tea (teh misai kucing)  and fruits first

 Govin is taking selfie of the demo
 Prez is demo-ing his TV streaming app from Taiwan....movies on demand

Then we went to D Pulze in Putrajaya for lunch
At this place called Penang History Food Village
I found this picture and caption on their webpage!!!!!
"All Chefs from Penang, not Bangla....."


no wonder the food looked authentically "Penang"

All Rotarians are Malaysians, not Bangla......
except for the one in Blue, he is Taiwanese

 We found a table for our rowdy group

 Two Presidents
 Penang char kway teow missing cockles
 cantonese fried bee hoon
 kopi o
 melon juice
 lor mee
 hay mee
we all shared our loot
hailam mee

 lor tauhu and lor eggs
 siew yuk and char siew
 comes with soup and rice
 my white coffee
 cantonese fried kway teow
 And these are the prices if you are interested...

 you can get a plate of each at RM5 or 6 on the streets but I suppose Cyberjaya rents are high

Lor bean curd and Lor egg

wow!!! look at the array of food!!!

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