Wednesday, January 21, 2015

IWAKL Lunch Club

Today I had my monthly lunch club 
with the International ladies
and AAM members.
Susan, the blonde Dutch woman is from AAM while the rest are my regular friends from IWAKL

 This month it is held at Serena Brassiere at Intercontinental Hotle

 I have been here before, as I remember this fountain, and it was called Nikko then, and we had our school annual lunch here.
Me and my teacher friends in 2010 Teacher's Day High Tea
at the same place
 I was early so I could snap pics as they were bsuy making preparations.

 Neeta goes vegetarian today, while Susan and me went for 2 servings of oysters at half a dozen each time!!
my second: this time I had 3 American (big ones in curly shells) and 3 French oysters, (small ones in flatter shells)
 Chinese boy shucked the oysters after we ordered them, I even got him to squeeze the lemons for me as I did not want my fingers wet

delicious pasta cooked as I liked: little bit of pasta, lots of sausages and creamy sauce

 Tatyana, the outgoing president of IWA is from Kazakhstan 
 with her good friend Neeta (Neeta is local like me, but she is orignally from New Delhi)

 hmmmmm lovely and delicious lunch, value for money! 
12 oysters was already worth the buffet price I paid.

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