Friday, October 31, 2014

Ballet Exam : RAD Advance

This is the first picture of a 2 and a half year old little girl at her first ballet class

 the studio is at StarHill, near Lot 10
 This teacher has since opened her own studio, and my daughter is still with her!!!
Aren't they cute!!!! The other girl is the daughter of  a model in KL Amy Chandran, sister of Bernard Chandran

Fast forward to 2014!!!!
She is now ready to take her RAD Advance examination!
 She gets ready herself and is quite adept at tying her own bun!
 Then I feed her a hearty breakfast/brunch!!!
She is still so skinny I do not know where all the food goes
 This is the building where The FAB will be the venue for the exam
 Federal Academy of Ballet at Wisma FAB, a very old place and building too, hehe
 I was impressed to see the Fonteyn studio theatre named after the famed Dame Margot Fonteyn
 with the examiner imported from the US, she is on her tea break

 nervous and apprehensive
Look at the tense look on their faces....waiting to go in the exam studio
 phew!!! all over now, she made some slips, but nevertheless, happy that it is over
 so they posed happily in an empty studio

 a far cry from the baby ballet girl, right?
I love this pic because her legs look like they go on forever....actually she is  a petite girl!!!

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