Sunday, October 19, 2014

Restoran 8 Road (新世界8路海鲜) @ Bandar Puchong Jaya for Dad's Birthday

Restoran 8 Road

 Son suggested going to this restaurant because he says that he always see a long queue outside the place whenever he passes by your restaurant has a queue outside...that is a good criteria for others to come and try!!!!
 "Restoran 8 Road (新世界8路海鲜) @ Bandar Puchong Jaya"  that is the name of the joint!!!
 chairs are provided for people queuing outside!!!
more people are coming to the restaurant!!
(this is just as we were leaving the place)
(this is when we arrived)
 we started out at 6 and people are already eating outside the restaurant
 inside: just as packed, luckily we had a phone-in reservation so we did not have to q outside.
 tiny lanterns festooned on the ceiling
 Pictures of dishes pasted on the wall
 Sorry ah, blur pic because camera has new lens, and I have not got the hang of it yet...
haybee (dried prawn sambal) with okra, long beans, brinjal and petai (stink beans)
 shop's signature tofu
 clay pot belly pork with salted fish

 steamed red snapper

 birthday dinner party for Dad
It is his birthday today exactly!!

 showing you the queue outside!!!

 service was quick and fuss-free! we went in a little past 6 and came out at 6.54!!!

 8 Road Restaurant 新世界8路海鲜冷气饭店.
 No 12A & 15,

 Jalan Kenari 8Puchong Jaya, 


03-8070 2852.

then we went to Donutes
another shop at Puchong that always see a queue outside!

 Back home, we celebrated with an old fashioned cake that tickled son a lot because he has not seen this type of cake for a long time and said that I must have bought it from a kampung, which I did...Sungei Besi kampung!!!

 Dinner, cake, and pastries from Donutes

 Feeling happy, satisfied and blessed!!!

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