Friday, October 31, 2014

Sang Har Meen at Lake Club

Have not been to Lake Club for ages so I made a trip there after the Intercity meeting to renew my cards and get a car sticker for my Honda Insight Hybrid.

 Dropped by at Buttery for lunch while the admin processed my cards and car sticker...have not been to Buttery like, about 10 years?
 Gosh! I miss the local coffee!!! It has now gone up to RM2.00.  Still so cheap!!!! and I could get 2 and a half cups from the pot!!!

 wow!!! My sang har meen arrived! whopping big plate for one person!
 look at the freshwater prawn!!! Only one. but it was sizeable!!
 Hmmm om nom nom.....I loved the gravy, the noodles, the chives, and the prawns....
asked for chilli padi and waiter gave me all three chillies: red, pickled green and green chilli padi..forgot that I could self-service and help myself at the condiments station....this shows how long I have not been here.
This mee costs RM15.00 and my lunch is RM17.00, without GST, or expensive?
Delicious though!!! Next time must share this with someone, it upset my diet for the day hehehe!!

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