Thursday, October 23, 2014

This toddler loves stuffed animals. Wait till she sees a real one!!!

By now everyone would have seen this super cute Friso video of little Bridgette making her first furry friend.  

This toddler loves stuffed animals. Wait till she sees a real one.
I too have my own little Bridgette: 
 way back when she was a tot of 2
(no, she is not the girl in the video, this is in 2000)
how does she react when she sees live animals?
like this!!! hahaha!!!
hands wrapped tightly round big sis's neck and legs
tucked in to avoid touching the rabbits!

 and this!!! her legs wrapped tightly round her sister's 
she would not touch the sand lest she stepped on the creatures

 we introduced her to hermit crabs
 the look on her face: priceless
we introduced her to fishes
clever girl, she used her big brother's thighs to buffer against koi fishes
in case they leapt at her

No she doesn't like big brute horses

 are they gone yet?
Nor does she like ostriches: ugly weird feathery unbalanced creatures
with thin legs and even thinner necks

One day, we took her to the petting rabbit farm
 Big bro loves rabbits so much he had them eating out of his hand

 white rabbit sniffs my platforms
when I try to take its picture

 Big sis attract only black rabbits
 my two big children have no qualms petting rabbits
sis even has one cuddled in her arms
while "Bridgette" looked from a safe distance behind a wired fence
but this is her reaction when she is let loose among the rabbits!!

That's our little Bridgette for you!!!!

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