Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bomb Blast in Bukit Bintang early this morning

KL resident filmed video of explosion outside club which injured 1 S;porean 13 others and killed one.

KL resident filmed video of explosion outside club which injured 1 S'porean and 13 others

Thursday, 9 October, 2014
On Thursday 13 people were reportedly injured, with one in critical condition, in a bombing incident that occurred at a building in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Several cars at the scene of the incident also suffered damages from the bomb blast.

At the time of the incident, four vehicles, a Toyota Alphard, Mazda, BMW and Toyota Camry were in the vicinity.

CID deputy chief ACP Khairi Ahrasa said in the 4.20am incident, two hand grenades were thrown from the second floor parking bay of a building.

"The suspect is believed to have thrown the bomb from the second floor of the building. One of the bombs exploded in front of an entertainment outlet. Another one did not explode and was found under a Toyota Camry car, which was parked in front of the entertainment outlet," he told reporters here today.

All the victims, aged between 20 to 42, were sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Ampang Hospital and Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre for treatment.

Two of the victims are from China, one each from Singapore and Thailand while the rest are locals.

Pictures from myMetro...
 Alphard is the victim here!
 So cool!!! They deployed the use of a robot bomb/grenade defuser!
 aftermath of the blast...
 police at the man has died
dramatic picture: explosion in progress!

Kereta Toyota Camry berjaya dialihkan di Bukit Bintang, 11.23 pagi ini. Tiada letupan berlaku. Siasatan awal polis mendapati dua bahan letupan disyaki dibuang dari tingkat dua bangunan di Bukit Bintang di mana satu tidak meletup dan ditemui di bawah kereta Toyota Camry itu.

Setakat ini, 11 mangsa dirawat di di Hospital KL aikibat terkena letupan bom iaitu lima warga tempatan, empat warga China, seorang warga Thailand dan seorang warga Singapura.

Mereka yang dikenal pasti identiti:
1. Teoh Keow Meng
2. Ma Yunfeng (China)
3. Yong Jia Qin (China)
4. Lim Soon Hock
5. Yoo Loo Hock
6. Wong Kim Teng (Singapura)
7. Jasu Sae Yor (Thailand)
8. Ravindren
9. Tiong Kwang Yie

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