Monday, October 20, 2014

President got robbed on 14 October 2014

This is a picture of our president at the Intercity Meet on 15 October.

Note his bandaged finger.
 Well, the poor president got robbed and nearly lost his finger!!
Luckily all it needed was four stitches and a bandage. This is the story: yesterday, he and his secretary went to the bank to withdraw the payroll for his contract workers.  He doesn't normally do this but there were some kinks with his cheques so he had no choice but to pay them in cash.  Just as his secretary was pressing the numbers on the combination lock to open the door of his office, three armed men came rushing at them with parangs.  One of them chopped the back of his head with the blunt end of the parang and President Jimmy used his hand to ward off the blows and nearly got his finger lopped off, luckily it was the back of the knife!! realising it was futile to fight the robbers, he gave them his envelope consisting of 60K!!! to them and they rushed off to a waiting accomplice in a car nearby.

The loss of 60 thousand ringgit may be a bad thing, but at least he and his secretary was unhurt.

Sigh!!! Malaysia is so unsafe nowadays.........murderers, rapists, robbers, pickpockets, purse snatchers, burglars, swindlers, scammers, cheaters, corruptors name it, we got it...they are everywhere!!!

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