Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guerlain Abeille RoyaleWorkshop at Svago, KLCC

Last Saturday 11 October 2014 I had the most pleasant time at Svago for the Guerlain workshop while my ex-colleagues (I am the ex, not them! they are still working!!) had to go back to school on a Saturday for replacement classes....ah!!!!....the luxury of being a retiree!

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Only a handful turned up for classes on Saturday!! What a waste of time for the teachers to come to a school where there are hardly any students to teach!!! Picture shows the "beberapa ekor" students who turned up that day.

 Anyway, to start off, I show you the door gifts that I received.
 when I reached, there was this spread for breakfast, mind you, this workshop is free!!! I was asked to be there by 10.45 am.

 assortment of yummy!!!
 the place is the swanky SVAGO at KLCC!!!

 fresh and unlimited flow of 3 types of juices: orange, guava and lime
 It was still early and we had to wait for more to arrive

 It was actually the launch of Guelain Abeille Royale, and I thought it was an anti-ageing workshop so I did not register my 16 year old
 It turned out to be a skin care and make up workshop!!! It would have benefitted my daughter!
 look at the array of eye colours, lip colours and foundation powders
 Guerlain"s signature coloured powder beads
 every table was equipped with these for you to play with, and your personal mirror and plenty of cotton puffs and  tissues 
 The Abeille Royale from the black bees in an exclusive vineyard called (I forgot!!!)
 see the bee insignia and the chandelier reflecteced on the gold cap
 Adrian was invited to the Champs Elysée for the launch.lucky him
 girl gave us an insighful talk
 The Abeiller Royale serum

 after using all the products, I took a selfie, but you cannot see any change because of bad lighting
 Time for lunch!!! New menu came out!! Mini burgers!
 Mini Burgers with Caramelized  onions
 Grilled Mushrooms, Scrambled eggs on Toast

 Roasted Baby potatoes with Provençal Herbs

 Grilled corn Mozzarella, tomato and Basil Salad

 Guerlain fragrances! (not on the4 menu lah)
 Beautifully bottled
 session continues, I went to take food photos before they get attacked!!
 You can eat and continue the session
 My friend wore leopard print, me too, wore leopard print! but she is dressed in party style as she is going for another event: launch of gold Givency fragrance, of which I did not get any invite..sob!

 The menu conitnues!!!
 Cripsy suqid with Lime and Chili

Smoked salmon with Dill salad mini baquette

My placte, piled with food!!!
 Desserts too!!! So much food for a free event, some events which we paid for did not even serve any food....
 Mini Pana Cotta with Mango Coulis
 Fresh fruits salad with lychee syrup
Chocolate Mousse with red fruits

 my seconds with three desserts
 my mini burger tower

 coffee brewed specially for you too
 we sat for a long time to enjoy the coffee and food till I racked up a high parking bill!!!
 nice linear restaurant
Refined continental cuisine with an Italian twist!


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