Saturday, October 25, 2014

Neighbour Wiping Butt on clean Laundry Caught on CCTV

OMG!! Like that also can!!! CCTV footage shows a young man with his boxers and pants pulled down exposing his butt cheeks...but wait!!! he is wiping his butt crack with his neighbour's washing!!! Then he sniffs his hand that touched his ass!! Why this neighbour does not take in his laundry and leaves it outside through the night, I do not know. Anyway, this man is obviously a flasher, he faces the camera with his PRIVATES IN FULL VIEW and proceed to choose another piece of washed laundry to rub himself.   Then he dresses up AGAIN IN FULL VIEW of the camera and walks nonchalantly away!! At one point he even glances at the camera!

I am speechless!!

I am glad I am not the owner of the laundry!!!

What next????

See picture, video and article here: reprinted from TRS The Real Singapore

"Dear TRS,
My neighbour has secretly been wiping his butt with my clean clothes that I hung outside my flat late at night."
Watch the CCTV footage here. | An online community that provides media coverage without censorship.

Dear TRS,
I do not have a good relationship with my neighbour but I did not think it was that bad until I saw my CCTV camera footage.
I stay in Woodlands but want to keep my identity secret.
I recently discovered that my neighbour has been coming to the corridor outside my flat late at night and rubbing my laundry all over his butt.
I am simply disgusted by what I have seen and I don’t know how many other times he has done in the in the past without me knowing or checking the CCTV footage.
He came at about 4:30am and took the clothes that were hanging outside my flat. He proceeded to pull down his pants and boxers and rub my clean clothes all over his butt and legs.
Not only is it disturbing, it is also a hygiene issue. What if he has some disease?
I am seriously disgusted by this but I am not even sure if anything can be done against him for this act. Is there any law that says that you can’t wipe your butt with your neighbour’s clothes?
In the video, he can be seen walking up and down my corridor section and taking the clothes to wipe  his butt and private parts before hanging the clothing back up and doing the same for another item.
He was there for at least 5 minutes rubbing all my clothes over himself.
He is a relatively new neighbour and I think he might be a bit crazy. He always makes a lot of noise and I have gone over to complain and ask him to keep quiet a few times but he always rudely ignores me or doesn’t care and closes the door.
I don’t know what country he is from but I believe he is not a local Singaporean.
I reported this matter to police and they told me it is between me and my neighbour and they do not wants to handle the case. Can't they charge him under the Public Nuisance law also? Roy and Han Hui Hui walk around in Hong Lim Park Protest despite applying for a license also can get charge for Public Nuisance why can't the Police help me charge this guy also? He is definitely causing more nuisance to the public than Roy and Han Hui Hui.
Do you or your readers have any suggestions as to what I should do?
Should I take the matter into my own hands?

Ms L
TRS Contributor

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