Friday, October 3, 2014

Kenny Roasters (KRR's 20th Anniversary) 51st Malaysia Day Double Celebration

 I printed this voucher from Facebook page and on the last day, my daughter pestered me to take her for a dine-in as they do not allow takeaway.

 so cheap!! RM39 for so much food!!!

 we ordered and the food arrived!!! one after another!
Quarter chicken with three sides

 she chose 2 mash potatoes, her brother too, asked for two mashed potatoes (at home) they have the same taste!
quarter chicken, soup and rice
meat balls and sausages
 2 muffins and two ice cream
 all the food!
 how to finish all?

 we ate the ice cream
 and the muffins

 we applied for the card RM10
 and got half a dozen muffins packed to go

 I took a picture of all the food together!
 all gone!!!
 hahaha!!! she ate a quarter chicken, soup , ice cream and one mashed potato

 The rest I poured into my tupperware!!!

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