Monday, October 27, 2014

Wendy Lai's Lace Party, 26 October 2016

Wendy had a Lace themed party at Hee Lai Ton last  Sunday
Wendy is the one in black on the extreme right
from left to right (standing) Catherine, Maggie, Jenny, Sally Mak, Sim, Penny, Teng
(seated) Sandy, Ann, Hong, Me, Jenny Wong, Wendy Lai

 Jenny had a new "toy": monopod with remote control
 and we had a fun time playing with it!

these are my "real camera" shots..
these are the selfies...

 Penny, Ling Ling and Jenny

after all the selfies or wefies,
I want to show you what others wore..

Jazmine and Jan...
Jan, Cat and friend

 Sim and Penny
Now I want to show you what I wore!
a modest brown lacy top with sheer back and a brown skirt 
that I had kept for a long time!

 brown amongst the blacks!!
what the others wore:

 Catherine in lace sleeves and bodice, Sandy in cut-out sleeves, Jenny in backless lace, Ann in lace sleeve and Maggie in slinky black

wow!!! white lingerie lace , lace shorties and gartered stockings...ooh la la....
that drove these two up the wall!!!

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