Thursday, October 2, 2014

Petrol Price Increase Tomorrow/ Flood Today

 My husband popped out of the room to tell me he got a message from Uncle Yam: Petrol  prices increase tomorrow.  As I drove to my dancing classes, I encountered some slight jam caused by cars queueing up to pump petrol and blocking part of the road....

 Eh???What are they doing? Are you queuing up to pump petrol before the price increas...
PM says incredulously!!!
 My friend sent this to our teacher's whatsapp group:
 Future impossible tense.......

 Announcement in chinese: RON95 increases by 20 sen tonight tomorrow
 what to do? sell off your car and buy a Lamborghini, I mean lembujini
 what's the big deal, it is only 20 the Singaporeans whose money is almost triple ours,,,,that is only a few sen......
 Come on lah, only 20 sen..
 If you want cheap or free petrol/gasoline, you are invited to come stay here in Brunei
 Dig your own oil/petrol/gas, bro....
Don't worry, even if the price of petrol goes up by 20 sen, AIR IS STILL FREE at all gas stations...

Meanwhile, today it rained again (the tour guide said that it rains for 9 days during the 9 God festival)
 and this is the result
 my friend's school today after the rain

cars in the open car park...some are submerged good and proper

And I was here this morning getting to the Ampang New Village temple for the 9 God Festival.

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