Monday, October 13, 2014

Govingeet's Induction 2 October 2014

Govingeet has been inducted as the newest and youngest member of RCPC

 His introducer is Jenny and his son is the cutest observer ever!
 He takes his oath with President Jimmy looking on
 success! group photo with his wife, mother, son, introducer, President and AG Ravi
 Food for the night was specially cooked by Capt Nair and his wife all the way from Chennai!
 delicious mutton rendang
 vegetable curry
 special nasi beryiani
 spicy chicken
 special salad
 fresh garden salad
sambal tauhu
 the chef, Capt Nair's wife
The AG graced the occasion
 Alan always like to take selfie!!
 then he shoot us
 the array of food
 my plate!! chicken, mutton, rice, salad, tauhu!
 Govingeet's mother
 his young and lovely wife
 Imm, another member to be

 special dessert by Vivian: egg white with pandan and coconut juice!
 she mixed the egg whites with the coconut juice and double boiled them in the coconut container!
 fruit basket for the chefs...Capt Nair and his wife
 Jimmy asked me to present the gifts to Capt Nair's wife
Poh had a birthday
 during the induction, Govingeet's cutest and most precocious son was running around being lively
He shot me shooting him!!!!

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