Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rotary Club Vocational Visit : Iron Mine at Kuantan

The Rotary Club had a vocational visit, this time to the iron mine of which one of the member is the EIA (Environmental Consultant).  Nine of us went, including the organising Chairman Vivian.

 Alan is a civil engineer, Anthony is a nutritionist with Elken, Vivian is an IT specialist, Hishyam is a geologist, Govin is a trader.....they are starring in the movie.........

We started very early, so it is still quite dark!!

 Hmmmm.....we stopped for a yummy wantan mee and curry wanton mee breakfast at Bukit Tinggi

 Bukit Tinggi breakfast restaurant

our breakfast crowd!

After reaching Sri Jaya, we changed into an 11 seater for our drive on dirt track to reach the plant
this our new 11 seaterm we are the first to ride in it!

 you might think it is iron ore county with no inhabitants, but traffic was busy!!!!
sparse scenery but clear blue skies!
 lone tree and untarred roads tell you land has been cleared for iron ore mining
a dam has to be built to harness water for open cast mining

 camera opporunities a-plenty
 The OC taking pics for her report
 Anthony instantly uploads his pics on whatsapp
 He shoots me and I shoot him because the rock looks like Malboro country

 Alan then asks us to put on full protective gear: hard hats, vest, all terrain boots, hearing plugs, dust mask, protective!!!! I could not handle all that!!
quarters for workers and office for briefing
suitably dressed, we are now ready to go to the plant...
 We have to keep going down, and at every level, there was an activity...
 so sorry, I did not keep up with the group and so I can't explain to you the technicalities...
so you see for yourself ar.....this video...

at ground level, Alan shows us how to separate mud from the ore
the iron ore
I took some home, and had to scrub and wash the ores for a long time, note the muddy water...
 At Sri Jaya, the nearest town, we had an exotic lunch!!! above: long bread
 egg drop soup

 river terrapin!!! ( I did not like this!!)
 curry wild boar meat....not too bad
 sweet potato leaves
 kampung or free range chicken
 white beard fella (pak sou kung)

Lunch at Sin tong Kok
9 iron miners and the tour guide!!
with the Rotary bannerette!!!

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