Friday, October 10, 2014

Meeting old friends in Pat Kin Pat San

I have not met these friends for more than 30 years....

this is Catherine or Chow Pien
she is actually my sister's friend

old photo of Chow Pien and my sis, hahaha!!!
this is my school mate Chow Fong from B class

 we met for lunch!!

 at this restaurant called Pat Kin Pat San which in Cantonese means "if we do not meet, we will not part" so iconic right?
this is the interior, I have passed this shop so many times, but this is the first time I have been here.

 This restaurant is right next to the two sisters' establishment called "Pegasus" which deals with industrial sewing machines.  They have been doing that for more than 30 years, guess they are doing well!!! I last met Chow Fong in the 70s and I knew at that time too, that she was helping in the family business, Pegasus.  But we lost contact.  However, everytime I pass by Pegasus, a double storey shop lot fronting the main road, I used to wonder whether it is Chow Fong's.....and it is!!!!
 The exterior of the shop, I am sure it is also a landmark to you in Taman Shamelin.
They 2 sisters had pineapple fried rice

and I had cheese baked chicken wings ...yummy!!!!
the milk tea was good too!!! so was the reminiscences and and memories!
By the way both sisters have sons and daughters who are all past 30!! (Pien is four years younger than us)

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