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Vidal Sassoon the Bad Father

"He knows how to be Vidal Sassoon but he doesn't know how to be a dad,"...Catya Sassoon.

When I was younger and reading a lot of magazines, I had seen the name Vidal Sassoon everywhere, and on hair products, before I knew there was really a person named Vidal and that he was a very famous hair stylist. There seems to be a pattern:

1. you sacrifice family life for fame
2. your children become neglected and die young
3. your children become drifters, get involved in drugs and vice and meet untimely demise.....
4. Money and fame does not guarantee that your children will be happy, they still need your unidivided attention and love
5. Divorce, even for celebrities, still affects children and one of them will suffer unnecessarily
(from me!!!)

(from the net....)
Catya Sassoon died of a drugs overdose in 2002: 'She was a wild child, she was into all sorts of drugs. She got married at 15.

Read more at ONTD:
 Miss Sassoon had a flamboyant life and her family had acknowledged their concerns about her health. "There were times I felt I was going to lose her," her mother, the actress Beverly Adams, who divorced Sassoon when Catya was 12, said once when asked about her daughter's drug abuse.
Aged 13, Miss Sassoon pierced her nostrils and cut her hair into a mohican, which she dyed purple and white. A year later, she had dropped out of Beverly Hills High School to pursue a modelling career in New York with the Prestige Agency.
She was soon one of the top junior models in the city, appearing on the covers of Seventeen, Bride and other magazines. At 15 she married for the first time, but had divorced by the time she appeared in her first feature film, Tuff Tuff, with Robert Downey Jr, a year later.

She married again at 22 and quickly became pregnant with her son. That marriage collapsed too, and she was pursued by rumours of heavy drinking and lesbian affairs. Despite announcing that she wanted to be the next Meryl Streep, her acting career floundered with appearances in low-budget martial arts films such as Bloodfist IV: Die Trying and Dance with Death, a 1991 production also featuring the Friends star Lisa Kudrow.
She often spoke of the difficulties of coming from a famous family. "He knows how to be Vidal Sassoon but he doesn't know how to be a dad," she confessed. Just after her first marriage she was asked when she would become less dependent on her father.
"Financially stable, about 12 months," she replied, "emotionally stable, never." As well as her husband and parents, Miss Sassoon is survived by her twin daughters, Mycca and Syke, and son, London.

Against her parents' wishes, Sassoon dropped out of Beverly Hills High School at the age of 14 to pursue a modeling career. She moved to New York City where she signed with the Prestige Agency and enrolled at Professional Children's School. Her modeling career quickly took off and she became one of New York's top teen models.[5] Sassoon later appeared on the covers of Seventeen,Brides and Cosmopolitan.[4][6]
Shortly before she was set to leave for a lucrative modeling assignment in Japan, Sassoon met 18-year old Luca Scalisi, the son of an Italian film producer.[4] Scalisi proposed to Sassoon (who was then 15-years old) at a Los Angeles dinner party her father was attending. Vidal Sassoon consented to marriage on the condition that the two were married in a Jewish ceremony at his home. The two were married at Vidal's home in August 1984.[5] Shortly after the wedding, Sassoon landed her first film role. She made her film debut in the role of "Feather", a "somewhat trashy teen-ager" in the 1985 drama, Tuff Turf.[2] Sassoon's marriage to Luca Scalisi ended shortly after the release of Tuff Turf.[6] By age 21, Sassoon was battling a serious addiction to drugs and eventually entered a drug rehabilitation facility.[7] Sassoon later revealed in an interview with Joan Rivers that she had suffered a drug induced heart attack while undergoing treatment for her addiction.[8]

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