Friday, May 2, 2014

DJ Live at House of Friendship

After the Governor's Dinner we went down to the cellar to jam at the House of Friendship

 you have to go downstairs

 right at the bottom we have booked a room complete with a live DJ to spin the grooves

 lots of drinks on the house to booze the night away too

 even auntie and uncle types hit the dance floor!
 strobe lights to add to the atmosphere, mind you, this room is not a proper disoctheque

 cute tiny strobe light inducing lamp

 so, we let our hair down

 even Vivian was grooving to the beat, the President Elect, needless to say was shaking non stop
 haha, look at Vivian, she traded her kung fu (she is an advanced martial arts exponent) for dance moves

Rina kicked off her shoes and danced in wild abandon

Poh Huu as usual gave me his flummoxed expression

 Hi!!! We are  "SO ENJOY!!!!"

That's Alan, and with that I leave you!!!

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