Saturday, May 24, 2014

Japan Day 8 Hakone

We have walked out of Toyoko Inn to Ueno Station to take the train to Hakone

 We will pass Shinjuku and its surrounds, I think
 the station is always busy and full of people, but we pose and nobody cares!
 school girls in mini skirts and knee high socks are everywhere!
 Inside the train we also behave like pesky tourists!
 We will be taking the Romance Car to Hakone!!! It is so luxurious and you can order food!
 I had the most delicious and expensive (330 yen) green tea latte!!!
 see...Romance Car, left and arrived right on the the minute
 more poses!

Then I saw a row of Madelines!
 The cutest school kids, they remind me of "Madeline" cartoon the French orphan that Jenn used to watch

 volcanic mountain with pockets of sulphur mines and smoke still smouldering
 on a clear day you can see Fujiyama
 we couldn't see it, but we don't care, we had fun!!
 this is the inside of the bullet train!!! Costs a bomb! but whizzed past like a well..BULLET!!!!

Barry got denied exit
 no matter which exit he tried, the gate closed o him faster than he could pull out his card!
At last, Francis forcibly forced the little gate open to let him out!!! HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

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