Monday, May 19, 2014

Japan Day 4

We stayed at the Sapporo Aspen Hotel

Sapporo Aspen is very close to the JR Station!!!
You just walk across the road (2 traffic lights) in the cold!!! and soon you will reach Sapporo Station
 Inside the station there is a veritable metropolis of shopping outlets, malls, eateries, cafes, always happening, always bustling with the locals who always seem to have someplace to go to
Here's Jessica in front of the APIA, never heard of it? well, soon APIA might be trending in Asia
 we have bought our we plan to visit OTARU
 on reaching Otaru, we walk on cobbled roads in the sunshine and nippy weather, bracing and refreshing
 we clown around the railway tracks after some students left after taking photos there, we are a bunch of copy cats
 Jess on the tracks
Doris the poser
 me with batwing sleeves
 tulips are everywhere, this one is yellow
Otaru's main attraction is the canal
you can take a cruise down the canal

these are the ones who did not go on the cruise
 do you know what they are doing? YES!!! choosing lunch! 
 Lunch is three types of sashimi with rice
 look at us! Always feasting!
 this is our lunch place
 after lunch we just sat around and chilled out
On the way back we found a pot of lavendar... 
to be contd......

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Ryan said...

Japan more fun or China?