Monday, May 12, 2014

Beijing Acrobatic Show

The other show that we manage to see was Beijing Acrobatic Show.

            Beijing Chaoyang Theatre‎
+86 137 0135 2323

The live stage
 outside the theatre

 sorry it's all in Chinese characters and I do not know the name of this awesome place
(just saw from the ticket...Chao Yang Theatre
 we were here early and sat around waiting for the halls to open to enter the theatre
so everyone updated their status, because there was free wifi!!!

 the shows were stunning, unbelievable, and performed with such precision, there was no false slip and mistake.
 such endurance, patience, and footwork, not to mention strong pelvic floor muscles!
gravity defying and dare daring, it was fine watching the man go downwards with one palm on the nails, but to go back up!!!!!! WOW!!!!

 after the show, the performers came out to peddle some wares

 posters show that they travelled quite a fair bit to perform and promote their show
 wonderful performances that you have to see to believe
 skeleton man that rode motorcycle round a closed enclosure (7 of them in one cage!!!)

they rode with such perfect timing they did not collide into each other. but our heart stopped each time they crossed one another.

Beijing Chaoyang Theatre - Flying Acrobatic Show

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