Sunday, May 4, 2014

Carpet Talk

23 April 2014

I was at Abee Rugs with the ladies from IWAKL

On Arrival: Signing in

Abee Rugs is in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
Refreshments and breakfast first!
 then we were seated around   Naseer Bhatti 

Persian Carpets | 

AbeeRugs KL (The House of Persian Carpets) 

  picking up a few tips on things to look out for when buying a carpet: design clarity, 
 signature and thickness.

the signature on the carpet

 Kim won the lucky draw of a Langkawi trip at Berjaya Resort

 I may not be buying a carpet or rug soon, but I am now wiser

AbeeRugs Shop welcomed group of IWAKL ladies for a very informative carpet talk.
We appreciate their effort, time and resources spent to make this workshop a true treat for our group.
 — at Abee Rugs Showroom.

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Ismail N said...

Gosh - what an educational experience. After this, you'll not look at carpets the same way again, right?