Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sunday Dinner at Gao Ren Guan

Last Sunday (NO WATER) so we went looking for a nice place for dinner

 this is the impressive IOI Boulevard
so nice and well constructed
(IOI Walk) but so deserted even on a sunday
and the fusion Japanese restaurant that son wanted to bring us had shut down!!
probably due to bad business
 so we went to Jalan Kenari
Gao Ren Guan
 crowded and busy eatery
 lots of people and we had to wait!
 so I started taking selfies

 we ordered: XO Prawns
 Steamed chicken
 Mah Poh Bean curd

 Yong chew Fried rice
 signature bean curd dish
 superior soup
 chinese tea
 yummy XO prawns succulent and fresh
 delicious chicken steamed with mushroom
 lovely dinner!
 son is beaming with pride on his choice
 must pose with our food!

 desert: soya bean with fungus
 not so nice! waste of money!
 free dessert!

 our bill....RM95.35 for 4, ok or not?
when we left the place it looked like this....

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