Saturday, May 10, 2014

Beijing Live shows : The Legend of Kung Fu

While is Beijing we caught 2 live shows

One was at the Red Theatre
Title of show is "Legend of Kung Fu"
 It tells the story of a kung fu master who seeks a successor to carry on his teachings/skill/feat and in the process his own sad tale of how he gave up his mom's comforting love, his social life, even his one true love (and he even had to sacrifice earthly pleasures and LUST) for the sake of his vocation.  The stunts, songs, dances and of course kung fu kicks were breathtakingly unreal.
 It was tailored and geared towards a white audience and narrated in English, to a packed house.
we are the early birds

 Photography is not allowed, and this is the finale...
 Actors mingled with the viewers who took advantage of the photo opportunity
The young actors were like living dolls. unscrutable yet they  pack a mighty wallop!  I was in awe of their acting and choreography!!!


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