Friday, May 9, 2014

Beijing Breakfast

Actually I am not done with my Beijing posts...there are so many
interesting photos and stories yet to be told.....
this one is on the funny, wonderful, strange breakfast in Beijing

 As soon as we touched down at Beijing on the first day, Jackson and Lily brought us to this famous breakfast can see Beijing locals lining up for the breakfast, while we sat, taking photos
they are so patient and well disiplined!

 very crowded and full of people grabbing a bite before dashing for work

 Li Leng is still waiting for an empty table, while we sat at any available empty seats first
all the pastries and breakfast stuff are in the glass shelves

If you manage to read from this chart, you can see the varieties available and the prices
 you just pick pay and "tray" it out

Then you just break the pancakes and eat it

 they are brisk, brusque and eat quickly and get up quickly to dash to work
 see, eating like it is part of their work....

we finally managed to get places at the tables close together!
 let me show you some of the stuff available.....herbal eggs
 powdery buns that melt in your mouth
see the fine powder inside? full of crunchy sesame seeds and delicious bits

 quizzical looks say it all: all the food is new to us
 some grain broth
 corn cakes to be eaten with the broth

 pile high pancakes
 just grab one piece and eat it with your hands
No lah, I'd rather use chopsticks!!!

 huh? grab one piece? I haven't eaten my broth, and egg and corn cake and powdery bun, says Yam
 in fact, I have not even finished taking photos!! said Uncle Yam!
 pickled vegetable!

 goeey rice or wheat paste (reminds me of the paste I used to make to feed my sis Caroline!!)
 hehe...where to start?
 quickly eat!!! we have to get to
 the locals eat only one or two kinds, we eat ALL KINDS of the breakfast available, well almost all, because there are still so many varieties on display sale

 mix up the brown gravy with the gooey paste...yummy!

 bean curd
 this is the outside of the breakfast hall
 can you read the words? I don't know what it says,,,I haven't done any homework/googling

 I went round taking photos behind the counter
 so busy fulfilling the orders
 outside the shop
 please read the signboard and come here to experience this Beijing breakfast

 window display in other breakfast shops
 gosh!!! the things available! If you eat one everyday, you still would not finish the types maybe?
 people making their choices outside
 we have eaten our fill already, so Auntie Siok Yin is peering at the goodies
 so are the rest of our group!!! (peering into the windows) while I am busy taking their photos!!
 the name of the street?
 crowded with pedestrians and cute dogs!
 we are ready to go back to our tour coach for some serious sight seeing!
 but first we walk along the road like the locals
 sidewalk vendors getting ready for the day's business
 more breakfast available on the streets
 you are literally spoilt for choice, if you cannot queue up or get a space in the shop, you eat here
 from this hygienic looking man complete with apron, chef shirt and chef cap....err baseball cap
 what he offers you
I've gotta run! the rest have already got on the bus!!!

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