Saturday, May 17, 2014

Japan Day 1 and 2

HI!!!! I am in Japan now!!!
 Here's me and Jenny at the spanking new KLIA2! We are walking towards the departure gate to catch Air Asia to Tokyo (Haneda airport)
 Here we are..the girls....WELCOME TO HOKKAIDO!!! We are so excited!!!
After we reached Haneda, we had to sleep on the benches at the airport and wait for 5 am to come around and board the domestic ANA flight to Sapporo
from the internal airport, we carried out bags to the JR station to catch the tube to the hotel! In front is Jessica, her dad brought her for this Japan holiday before she starts her term at UK.

At last, after lugging our luggage up the steps to board the train, (we have to do everything ourselves, including finding our way as we are not on a guided tour) I have checked in to Sapporo Aspen Hotel.
Look!!! we pose happily at Aspen Sapporo, where we will be staying for 3 nights..
for this free afternoon, we braved the cold and sleet to walk to park to photograph cherry blossoms, but it was too wet and brrr cold!!!
 that night, we had trouble finding Nanda, the seafood buffet place!!!
 but the place was worth the RM100 we paid for the fantastic hairy crabs, scallops, mussels, meat etc etc that was offerred!!!

CHEERS!!!!! Winnie is pouring me SAKE, we ate till we got chased out of the restaurant, the drinks bar was switched off, and the cutlery cleared from beneath our noses!!! Ha ha ha!!! We are crazy, I tell you......

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