Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Japan Day 6...60th Anniversary Celebration

When we came back to the hotel after our island jaunt, there was already a crowd registering for the 60th Anniversary Celebration!

So we rushed upstairs to change into our business suit and came down to get our tags and souvenir programmes
 The Japanese are very serious and VERY VERY PUNCTUAL!!!
 Now we are getting out doggy tags

 Here's Dad....he is part of the group too!
 Me and Jenny, ready for the conference
 Dad and me looked all formal and dressed to the hilt
 at the ballroom we are seated with our names on the back of the seats
The Puchong chapter

 Ballroom is fantastic, with carpet afoot and crystal chandeliers ahead

 not one or two but the whole ceiling was covered with sparkling crystals

 Barry the president and the first lady (his wife lah)
 that night we had a gala dinner with Italian buffet
 the Japanese ex president of Rotary is a director of a hospital
 we girls love to pose
 Irene and Steven relive their wedding walk down the grand staircase
and so did we!!

 apart form the normal waiters and waitresses, there are also HOSTESSES like these in attendance

 hahaha!!!! they are dressed elegantly and we can ask them to get the buffet food for us if we are too busy to walk to the buffet table!!!

 great dinner hosted by the Japanese Rotarians
 after dinner all of us adjourned to the karaoke room for "mingle"and fellowship
nibbles for you while you socialise!!!!

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