Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Japan Day 5: Fujisawa

Today we are leaving Sapporo for Fujisawa where we will have our Rotary conference

 After checking in our luggage, we started our shopping frenzy at Sopporo airport
 Everybody told us to go early to check in so that we have enough time to visit all the shops at Sapporo airport.  We were even told to keep an empty suitcase to put in all our purchases and carry as hand luggage!
 Huge crabs, cosmetics, dried seafood, snacks etc,etc and gigantic asparagus like these for sale...
 there was even a very very very clean food court where we had yummy Korean food
 then we arrived at Chitosan airport where finally we did not had to carry our bags and take train from the airport, but we were met on arrival and had a bus to carry us and our luggage to the hotel!!!

 The hotel is called RAPHAEL!!! Yes, it is in the European style named after the famed Renaissance painter

 "The Hotel of Raphael, located in Shonan, Fujisawa area, exudes the style of Europe. We serve the best hospitality to any customer at guest rooms, meetings, and restaurant "Aracode". Have great time at The Hotel of Raphael."
 It even has a Chapel as a venue for church weddings
 and beautiful gardens for brides and guests to take photos
 Jess at the entrance to the European garden
 cards to the rooms.... I thik ours is the contemporary room...these are some of the rooms:
French room

You may feel as if you are in a palace of French nobles. Antique décor accented with floral patterns, curtains made in France, and other antique furniture. We promise you elegant and luxurious time here. 
Italian room
 Stylish décor accented by modern Italian furniture includes a wall-hung LCD TV. This suite is suitable for refined urbane travelers. Shower room is equipped in the bathroom.

 my room has huge queen beds (two!!!)
 then we had a welcome dinne hosted by Kojima
Kojima and his general Manager,
Kojima owns the hotel

 we had fine dining Italian style!
 snapper was the main course
after dinner, Kojima had to rush to the airport again to meet another group from Kajang
 while we went out in search of more food, as the rest of them were still not full!!
 school girls and pimps were at street corners!!!
 soft porn magazines on sale in Lawson, a convenience store!!!
we had beer and food at this table which had sunken legs.......tomorrow we will be having meetings, while non Rotarians will be touring Fujisawa.......

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