Thursday, May 15, 2014

Godzilla Movie Preview

When the 1998 Godzilla came out, I was having my youngest daughter so I cut out the news about "movies showing when she was born" and pasted it in her album. Because of her, I was in confinement and did not get to watch the movie, not that I watched that many movies at that time!

Now 15 years later the new Godzilla is out, and she is having an Add Math exam so she did not want to go, and I went on a movie date with her dad....

Gosh! This is the first time I get an email asking me to see free movie on the day itself! Mail is dated 14 May, and the show is 14th May!! Luckily, we are retired old fogeys and very free....

GRRRRR!!!! I am Godzilla!!!!
It was in IMAX 3D....and it was for you to enjoy the effects of the Movie, effectively and immersively!!

this is Imax theatre at TGV One Utama

The story in this new version of "Godzilla" goes like this;(from Cinema Online) Following a series of mysterious tremors that struck upon a Japanese nuclear power plant in 1999
 where scientist Joe Brody loses his wife Sandra (Juliette Binoche), Joe refuses to accept the fact that the tremors is merely a cause of natural disaster but something more of an unusual occurrence.

 Fifteen years later, we are introduced to Joe's grown-up son Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson),

 a young U.S. military bomb disarming specialist who returns home from serving his country to his nurse wife 
Elle (Elizabeth Olsen) and their young son, Sam (Carson Bolde). When Ford discovers that his father has been arrested, he flies back to Japan to bail him out
 and subsequently gets caught in the middle of a top-secret government conspiracy involving otherworldly terrifying beasts. And one of them is a giant monster called 

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