Thursday, May 22, 2014

Japan Day 7 The Raphael Shonan Fujisawa Hotel

Today I want to show you the fantastic hotel that we stayed in :
The Raphael
(Even the name itself is so historic!)
 this is the lift waiting area, soft lights, fresh flowers and a floral Laura Ashley-look sofa yielded an elegant pic
 you have to view  the overall facade of the greco-roman architecture in its entirety to appreciate the awe-inspiring place
 at both sides there is an English inspired garden right next to the busy road separated only by rows of trees, here the black iron wrought gates lead to a secret hideout where the bride and her entourage can take garden photos.  Did I tell you that this hotel has a niche in church weddings?
 White victorian fountain and a floral herbacious border
 green shrubs, a cherub topped fountain, paved walks and the columns of the hotel make a wonderful picture
 portrait or landscape, the view is just as great!
 roman arches juxtaposed with square apartment blocks and telco towers
 bits of flowers and a broadwalk with picket fence for a romantic interpretation
 an idea of how you can have a matured garden of full grown trees right next to the road
 Vincent, his daughter Jessica and Kojima, the owner of this beautiful hotel
 grand marble staircase that leads to the chapel

 pots of flowering colourful blooms everywhere
 can you see the main road outside? and the trees that make a natural fence? the weather too, is cold and wonderful because I do not need a coat and I do not perspire profusely like I do in Malaysia!
 right outside the glass walled panel of the lobby of the hotel
 our bags are in the lobby ready to be loaded onto the bus, and the wedding gowned mannequin is in view
 more pictures of the leafy arbour.....great idea on how small space can be utitlised
 you can strike a pose anywhere, anyhow and look great!!!
 Vincent says "Take a photo of me from the other side" He is at the other side of the garden
 Inside, there is floor to ceiling curtains and huge glass windows
 outside are apartments and office blocks, here you can see Doris, Winnie and Margaret walking around taking photos
 Winnie and me posing outside the main gate of the hotel, and this is the gate to the other side garden
 You can come this nail parlour if you need a mani and pedi quickly for the wedding party

See, you can have last minute fitting at the Dressers' Pine

 Now the bus is here to take us to Kamakura...we will be leaving the Raphael...but I have photos to last me a lifetime!!!

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