Sunday, May 25, 2014

Japan: Last Day: Ginza Street

Today is our last day and we will be flying back to KL later at night

 We are now free and easy so we take the shuttle to the station...the shuttle bus is so awesome, even though it was seemingly full, hey presto! the centre row had seats that were unfolded amd eveyone fitted in!! Note the centre aisle full of people nicely seated!!! The shuttle bus is now packed to capacity!
 We reached Ueno Jr Station and we bought tickets to Ginza Street
 All along, Alan bought our tix and today we bought our own. After buying, we pose with out tickets shamelessly!
 Inside the train, we also take photos, shamelessly!  We are crazy tourists!!! We also make a lot of noise, because we forget to keep our voice down!
 We reached the station that had the Hachiko dog statue and jostled with the locals to take photos with it.
 Then, we just took photos with the crowd, it was a Saturday and there was SUCH a crowd!!!
 We took another train and found ourselves on GINZA!!!
 We made a beeline for BURBERRY BLUE LABEL!!!
 AND WE BOUGHT A BURBERRY Blue Label BAG EACH!!!! with matching wallet!
 Posing with the Ginza Street sign and my Burberry paper bag!  A trip to Tokyo is not complete without a Burberry Blue Label purchase, it seems.
 To show you how busy Ginza is, I stand in front of the shoppers and in the middle of the road.
 Barry is exhausted from all that walking and window shopping he sits on the curb
 Actually you can sit here, where the chairs with shade is put in the middle of the road to show that it is closed to traffic
 The trendy and the trend setters come here to see and be seen
 We sit around waiting for the others to finish the shopping, UNI Q Lo here has 6 floors, it seems.
Jessica and her dad with their purchase, a suitcase for 540 yen!!!
Don't forget to watch 2014 Movie.... The Devils wear....Burberry!!!

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