Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jenn's Blue TuTu

Jenn has a dance competition coming up and she has her tutu tailored

 the other girls in their contest costumes according to the dance they have chosen
 Jenn and friends in their practice leotards
 dancers strike a pose in the costumes they have chose
don't they look beautiful????

 look at the details of her costume
 carefully and painstakingly hand sewn
 so pretty and creative
designed by the tailor himself
 even the costumer who sews it loves to watch Jenn dance in it, while he admires his own handiwork!!!

 look at the corset top
 with dangling tassels and blue petals studded with sequins and beads

 comes with matchting belt, arm bands and a head piece

 she is already a winner in this costume!!!!

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