Saturday, May 31, 2014

Taylor Swift the Red Party

Went to the Red Party to collect Taylor Swift Concert Tickets for youngest daughter as she had a ballet competition.  This contest was submitted and won by her using her dad's fb account, NOT WON BY ME,  the Contest Queen!!!

I think we were the oldest people at the party, but nvm, I am very thick skinned!!!!

This is my instagram picture or rather my instagram picture using her account and as of now, I had 70 likes!!
AIA printed this picture for me,  can you see Taylor Swift photobombing our pic???

Surprise! Surprise!!! our pic was selected to be in the AIA collage, but no prizes for that!!!

the girls/hostesses at the red party are pretty smoking hot, don't you think?

this is how to submit entries to win tickets, ....later I will show you how my daughter did hers.

at the party...the venue was very hot HOT!!!! sweltering hot, after Beijing and Tokyo, I do not know how we manage to do anything in the heat of the afternoon sun.  My face was bathed in perspiration and even the ice cream did not help.

We met Alwyn who collected the tickets that J won using his sister's fb account.

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